Battling COVID19 with micronutrients

Hyperinflammation is the war.

Anti-inflammatory micronutrients are a major source of battle weapons.

If the metabolic system of the human being is within an anti-inflammatory environment, cell communication with enzymes and hormones is clear. Clear communication means elevated function of the being. When enflamed, cells are tweaked. Tweaked cells cannot communicate well. It is as though they cannot see the hormonal messages that are flashing across the billboards.

Certain food & beverages can cause inflammation, through usual metabolic induced cytokine releases. Cytokine signaling molecules recruit for inflammation when it is helpful, for injury for example. It is undesirable though to have multiple cytokine storms every day all day long from the meals consumed. Instead, eat anti-inflammatory options. It is desirable to have anti-inflammatory micronutrients within the being.

So what are some anti-inflammatory nutrients?

Vitamin D

Find a supplement choice. Choose wisely, an option without soybean oil. This is likely the only vitamin unable to be obtained adequately from food alone. Supplementation is logical.


Eat chickpeas, beans, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, nuts. Zinc supplementation is good during hospitalization but should not be taken long term otherwise, unless prescribed or with copper level monitoring.

Vitamin C

Google fruits and vegetables high in Vitamin C. Eat whole fruit versus fruit juices.


Eat more capers


Botanicals and Turmeric

What eating pattern is anti-inflammatory?

Low carbohydrate intake. This metabolic environment means less cytokine storms. Since meal intake occurs multiple times a day, it is good to reduce the occurrence of the storms. This eating pattern must include high quality fat intake and a moderate protein intake.

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