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Attempts to influence individuals to eat more vegetables are hindered by multiple factors. The cost of vegetables has increased. Vegetables from grocery stores have a short shelf life and are often packaged in plastics. Just going food shopping is a challenge lately having to remember a mask and feeling surrounded by germs and viruses.

There is a good option. Grow vegetables at home.

Home Gardening Systems.. a few examples..

Tower farmstand by Lettuce Grow

Stack-n-Grow Light Stand Base by Gardener’s Supply Company

3-Tier Grow Light Stand by Gardener’s Supply Company

Growing indoor at home provides multiple benefits


Room oxygenation.

Fresh produce with a longer fresh life.

Increased sustainability through reduced use of plastic packaging.

Cut and eat process.

Indoor garden fixtures are developing fast making indoor gardening at home easier and compact. The specialized LED lighting systems included in some systems are ideal to bathe the plants in perfect spectrums. LED systems have low electrical needs while stimulating strong root growth and and enhance photosynthesis.

Indoor gardening fixtures can be big or small, some can stack to allow the systems to enlarge when desired. This is useful for a new grower who quickly learns the ease of the process and wants more..

Indoor gardening fixtures can be self watering and self fertilizing. Automated water distribution means less mess and lower demands from the grower. It reduces risks of plant death resulting in increased production success.

I am an affiliate marketer. I grow micro greens at home.

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