Gift ideas for a newbie house plant parent..

House plants are a hot piece of art popping up in homes more than ever. Beside providing color and unique leaf design, house plants emit love. When a grower cares for a plant, it begins a transformation that appears as gratitude. New growth beauty of the plant causes a pleasure response for the grower. Being around house plants can lead to an improved sense of well-being while oxygen shifts make the air better. Learning how to grow well has never been easier. Tiktokkers and youtube plant enthusiasts have found microphones and humor to educate the public “how to” and “what to buy” when it comes to having house plants.

When I began and since, a few items were needed.. perhaps my journey will be of help:

  1. Terra cotta pots, multiple sizes and shapes and terra cotta trays that fit those pots. Be sure to find pots with drainage holes as it helps keep the plant roots healthier.

2. Other: Cococoir, sealed storage, scoop, floor covering, LED lights/attachable lights, rack, hanging tags, sticky traps, humidifier, watering can, plant drip trays, and …

3. Plants: plants can be bought online and shipped. Plants can also found in local boutique plant shops, specialty greenhouses and big box Lowe’s/HomeDepot/Kroger’s. Trader Joe’s too has embraced the house plant joy, expanding plant options right at the front entrance. Support local.

Also, rare plants are a commodity as they produce new growth that is desired in the market. Large $$$$$$ are being offered for healthy, rare plants with roots. Striking rarity in leaf colors, patterns and shapes is requested and is available for purchase.

Encourage the receiver of plant gifts to include uniqueness in their plant relationships: play music for the vibration, converse, repot when needed, learn watering and humidity needs. Facebook and Instagram groups have auctions, share tips, show off talent and tremendous beauty. Once the wheel turns toward awareness of plant beauty, the adventure begins. It becomes a personality trait. #plantperson #plantparent #plantwhisperer.

Warning… the purchase of a house plant often leads to the purchase of another plant and another.

Disclaimer: Affiliate marketer, check out links in article for products that I have utilized and encourage use as an affiliate. I am a house plant advocate, indoor ag advocate, nutrition professional.