Modern agriculture is doable.

New agricultural approaches are finding great success. Since growing foods amongst us is the goal, food should be created where there is a need. Within the city, indoor and hydroponic farming can revolutionize WHERE food is grown. Current agricultural systems are vulnerable for three main reasons: climate disasters, water demands and poor monitoring capabilities. Additional options are extraordinarily necessary. It is mandatory for our survival that farm systems modernize, protect our water supply and feed us well.

We can let food be thy medicine thru creating farming warehouses in every town. Public health needs support and involvement both locally and nationally and this is specifically public health.

Nutritechnology now enables improved food security. Shout it from the rooftops.

Also, too, every individual can make a shift by growing foods at home. Turn the unused fancy living room into the high tech house farm. Grow produce at home. The home systems are lovely in style as designs continue to advance. The taste of freshly cut produce is substantially present.

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Vulnerability and starvation

The food supply is in danger. Humans are dependent on food. This is a problem no one speaks of…. Two vulnerabilities are huge. The process used to get foods from farm to store is dependent on a supply chain. Major supply chain interruptions are upon us. The supply is vulnerable. More so… though.. the food…

Plant gifts.. a logical choice.

In the gifting spirit, it is often hard to choose wisely and spend thrifty. With the pandemic, seems smart to limit wasteful spending. However, with the pandemic, it is nice to gift and connect to others. Plant presents are superb. The receiver doesn’t need to be a skilled house plant parent. They do likely though…

Recreating the grocery list for The Days of Quarantine

Nutrition in time of Quarantine Funds are limited. Stress is high. Activity is low. Disease is present. Inflammation is rampant, as is the virus. Self care and wellness during this uncertain time matters, it helps when quality nutrition is consumed. Where to begin??? Start with clean hands and a plan to obtain food. Grocery shopping…


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I am a nutrition educator, indoor farming advocate and food industry critic. Nutrition matters more than all other challenges for humans. Without nutrition there is no fight, only death. It is imperative that the human race learns to love growing food at home, eating chickpeas and olives and micro greens. As a nutrition professional and educator, it appears that the population doesn’t know. Leadership must direct funds toward modern agriculture. It is an opportunity and a priority. Indoor farming is so doable that it creates stunning surprise.

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