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The Food Market by Shari Jacobs, RD, LD. MSNW 2B.  (graduation in 3 weeks!!! )

In 1906 Upton Sinclair wrote the book, The Jungle, about unsanitary conditions under which food was produced.  This writing is about poor conditions in the food market as well.  This writing is about unsatisfactory conditions of the food environment.  Sanitation is about hand washing, refrigeration, pasteurization.  Satisfaction is about strong bodies, easy breathing and mobility skills, clear and focused minds.  There are barely any satisfactory nutrition conditions left in modern society.

The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 improved the food supply safety of the time.  It was about reducing food-born infections from contamination.  Today, the ideal Pure Food Act of 2015 would improve the food supply safety by getting rid of today’s contaminents. Improve through enacting laws so schools have to include modern nutrition science in the menu planning,  so coconut oils have to be used for cooking and in edibles in hospitals and long-term care facilities for all meals, and so government subsidies are directed at vegetables, nuts, and high omega-3 oils.   The Pure Food Act recognizes foods that require no processing for consumption are the only options allowed supported by public health funds.  This is about reducing food-born disease from contamination like the original focus of the Act of 1906. The contamination is from the processed food industry, the outdated professional guidance, and the chaotic media.  It’s causing disease.

Ponder this. Soybean oil causes inflammation because of its high omega -6 fatty acid content.  The soybean industry is subsidized and low cost for consumers and healthcare businesses.  It is subsidized by our own leaders although it is not a good choice.  The soybean oil industry is like the cigarette industry in that it is known to cause problems, in this case inflammation and inflammatory related obesity issues.  Science strongly shows that omega -6 fatty acids are geared to cause inflammation, that inflammation and obesity are intertwined, and that obesity is prevalent.  Soybean oil should be required to include a warning label on every package.  It’s dangerous.  Yet, it is used in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and most homes (because of its low cost).  Contamination.  It’s like a virus.  #stopuseofsoybeanoil #coconutoilinnursinghomes #coconutoilinschools





Task 1:

Use coconut oil and stop using soybean oil.

Task 2:

Write a request to school administrators to stop the use of soybean oils in school. Lack of willingness to invest in child health in this manner is a contamination.

Task 3:

Write to your state representatives to ask for a substantial subsidy on coconut oil imports, to market coconut oil public health messages, and that SNAP food subsidies should remove soybean oil from allowed foods.  Misdirected messages and lobbying efforts are definitely contaminates.

Task 4:

Medical Professionals: Develop procedures to discuss anti-inflammation behaviors like use of coconut oils, walnut oils, avocados, and vitamin D supplementation, with all patients.  Silence is also contamination.


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