Questions for the 2b President #2016

Dear Future President.

There are many issues facing the American population. There’s endless discussion of gun laws, poverty, drugs, terrorism, and wasteful spending. One issue not being discussed is Nutrition. Hunger is one issue occasionally mentioned but obesiogenicity is clearly another issue that isn’t even acknowledged. The food industry is multifactorial including agriculture, import taxation, private enterprise, national laws, food safety, soil and water health, health messaging and public health efforts. This industry is self-serving.


Come along… If soybean oil is high in inflammatory elements, why does the US government’s subsidies support the soybean industry so diligently? The resulting low cost of soybean oil makes it attractive to the population. The low cost of soybean oil makes it attractive to the food companies too, as evidenced by the HUGE use of soybean oil in processed and boxed foods. It’s dangerous to consume high amounts of omega 6 fatty acids in soybean oil because of its deep seeded role in the inflammation response of the body. Soybean oil is 56% linoleic acid. Shouldn’t there be a public health message that consumption of high amounts of this dangerous element is high risk? Why is our government, which affects health systems, supporting such a cause through these subsidies?


Corn oil is 59% linoleic acid. Same questions…


If current agricultural practices are chemical dependent and there are options to replete the soil more substantially, why is this not supported profoundly? Spelt aerates the ground due to deep rooting, clover and yellow mustard deposit nitrogen into the soil environment naturally. Depending on a chemical deposit of nitrogen is backwards. Why is there not a demand of the farmers receiving government subsidies to use better farming practices? If nutrients in the foods are better, then likely less disease is achievable. That could mean less pharmaceutical and medical expenses for the public.

If data indicates that Vitamin D is severely deficient in the majority of the world population including most facets of the American population, where is the support to replace this?  As an anti-inflammatory, Vitamin D is highly useful.  Might be an efficient pathway to reduced alter mental status, depression, arthritis, asthma, cardiovascular disease.  It’s not sufficiently supplemented in foods to meet the needs to keep serum Vitamin D levels at normal.  It’s the only vitamin not adequately obtained from our food sources.  Food first, except when it comes to vitamin D.  Talk about it more, give it out for free, support more research.. but please don’t do nothing.  It won’t fix itself.


Please, future President, the American population is ill. That makes the population weaker. Protect the population by limiting influence from the pharmaceutical and medical industry and the many, many others who benefit from the population being ill. There are nutrition weapons that can be assembled and exploded into the crowd wiping out the modern health issues we face. Be the Commander in Chief of modern nutrition. Current and strong scientific results don’t jive with rules set up in 1920 and 1970. Obviously, a lot of the nutrition messages of the last few decades were faulty. We know more and it needs shouted from the rooftops. Gallant enough to go against the grain and admit it? And change it?Franco1

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