nutrient oils stop the inflamedness

An Organic Warrior.   Food Art by Klaus E
An Organic Warrior.
Food Art by Klaus E

I’m pouting. I have this notion that our government controls our health through subsiding soybean oil that is making us inflamed. Not hot body inflamed, rather insulin resistant, altered cognition inflamed. Everyone is using soybean oil in products as a good source of Omega-6 fats. Too much Omega-6 means inflammation…… CHRONIC INFLAMMATION. Since it is subsidized, soybean oil is cheaper for businesses and the consumer, who then becomes iller. Thanks soybean association and government takers. I vote to have government-funded free coconut oil, olive oil, and walnuts in replacement of the BILLIONS in funds spent to subsidize what’s making us sick. Please send my voucher for free government sponsored coconut oil, olive oil and walnuts to #naughtyfoodfight. Please, subsidize imports of the right nutrients.  When you know better, you change it to make it right. #makeitright #stopthecellularinflammation #sexycells US administration please stop the cardiovascular disease train. You should be spanked!  

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