Lack of Black Friday Food Sales

I spent a few minutes searching online for black Friday sales on cooking oils. While televisions and cool tech gifts are everywhere, searching for this delicacy for a cheap price takes a bit of work. Amazon, my digital love, only emphasizes best sellers in olive oil, no apparent sale being offered. Amazon has a great opportunity, after synergizing with Whole Foods, to be the voice of the great gift of olive oils merely by slashing the price for a day and talking about it. #AmazonNutrition

Amazon today has Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 34-Ounce Tins retailing for $30.20. It’s a large amount but cooking oils are used up quickly. The news today says that every person is expected to spend $1000.00 during the Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday holiday. This is only 33 tins of olive oil if the entire $1000.00 was spent this way. A gift of 3 tins should be packaged together, in my opinion. That would last for a significant time even if used frequently. Now, only 11 of the top names on a gift list would get this, the gift that keeps on giving.
This gift is so enriching, yet it is a gift that is never on a list.
Foods of any kind are rarely on the gift list. Healthy oils fit finer than a sweater. We must train ourselves to place value on nutrient gifts. Foods are expensive. Health is expensive. 
It’s important to be a health searcher. It’s divine to be a health gifter. What’s on your list?

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