It’s happening…

The nutrition knowledge paradigm is shifting. The understanding of nutrition is being influenced a tad more science based than in recent years. It’s drops in a rain storm but it is happening. The shift is new, unfamiliar to many, different from the past 70 years.

Suggestions when reading about “nutrition”:

Remember everyone is different and circumstances and goals are what direct the best pathway toward nutritional health for each person individually.

Weight changes are directly influenced by hormones and enzymes influenced by the foods we eat.

Nutrition data must reflect the hormonal and enzymatic changes to matter.

In a recent Consumer Report Titled “Your Smart Guide to Healthier Eating”, the first line on the cover is “Lower your sugar and salt”. While lowering sugar intake is good, a low sugar nutrition lifestyle requires replacement of lost salt. So, the information in the magazine under this title is not beneficial for everyone in the same manner. The reader has to know their own nutrition needs. The writer needs to gear the writing to the different eating pathways and how the information benefits and antagonizes categorically.

Nutrition is not a one size fits all.

However, there is a newly understood dynamic pathway about to change everything.


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