SUBSISTENCE ~ provisions for survival.

Dear Representative Turner and House of Representatives Members,

The Farm Bill 2018 is a side discussion it seems, although it impacts everything. It’s a treachery in its present form, in some areas. The Farm Bill 2018 is pending currently, awaiting further approval. This is the reason I write to you now. The Farm Bill 2018 is inundated with invalid, out of date concepts. It can be a lexicon of nutrition messages if tweaked to support modern nutrition trajectories.

Agricultural Options

The Farm Bill 2018 can invest in a paragon of farming techniques such as indoor farming, which is not affected by seasonal issues (example, Ohio has poor weather 50% of the year), is able to produce organic foods, is unaffected by the low nutrient soil issues, and is not damaging to the land.

I suggest that Indoor Farming receives subsidies, tax breaks, media support, and more support than any single factor in the Farm Bill 2018. Cannot feed the needy without food to feed. Food affects the brain, anger management, heart, growth, and finances. It matters. Without it, survival is not possible. Strength is weakened. The agricultural systems of the US are vulnerable, as evidenced by the rampant food borne illnesses. There is a better option: Indoor farming in every town and city. Growing year round, producing local palatial eats. Aquaponic farming specifically is a concept that too needs consideration for government funding.


The population is obese, sick, dependent on medications, confused, and weak soldiers for our strong nation. The current Farm Bill 2018 subsidies support corn and soybean growth extensively. The lush landscape of Ohio is filled with these crops. These items are then cheap for the consumer. However, these items are what are making our population sick! Corn syrup and soybean oil are in the majority of processed foods; the low costs motivate use in the food industry. Modern nutrition research proves that carbohydrates and omega-6 fatty acids in large quantities are the cause of preternatural disease. THE CAUSE. Think… heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis, depression and more.

Please consider reducing the subsidies for these crops and direct the subsidies elsewhere, see below. Bypass the lobbying efforts of the past.

Crops including olives, avocados, maitaki mushrooms, coconuts and microgreens are a panacea for the population. Containing good fats, vitamin D, anti-oxidants, and iron, these food items are superstars for health. Yet, the costs currently of these items are immense. Who can afford to buy these foods? Government subsidies directed toward growth and import of these foods is needed.

Nuts are subsidized on a small scale. Including an increase in subsidies for the nut industry too would further reduce the costs to purchase proteins and good fats.

Please support development of subsidies for olives, avocados, maitaki mushrooms, coconut (for the oil), and microgreens (especially nasturtium).


An element of the Farm Bill 2018references the high expenses with food waste and the SNAP requisites. Seems food waste should be offered to SNAP recipients. Benefits of reduced prices at restaurants at the end of the evening or the farmers’ perfectly nutritious ugly fruits and vegetables for SNAP recipients seem obvious.


Food matters. It is not just satiating a belly from hunger, availability and affordability of specific nutrients needs to be rapaciously forced into a better direction. The nations challenges are without respite. We are engaged in a frantic state of change. Food safety, food availability, food affordability is a priority and is at risk due to supernatural events, bioterrorism, herbicides, transportation liabilities. Without food security, SURVIVAL ceases and the other issues on the priority lists will not matter.

Please speak up. Be the innovative state to support indoor farming and modern nutrition science. It’s revolutionary. Make this Farm Bill 2018 national news… #FARMBILLMATTERS #INDOORFARMING #AFFORDABLEFAT #FOODFORHEALTH #OHIO.



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