Plant gifts.. a logical choice.

In the gifting spirit, it is often hard to choose wisely and spend thrifty. With the pandemic, seems smart to limit wasteful spending. However, with the pandemic, it is nice to gift and connect to others. Plant presents are superb. The receiver doesn’t need to be a skilled house plant parent. They do likely though have to befriend the plant, love it, name it, find its light and water needs and talk about it.

I was given a plant. Plant, though, are actually the givers. Whether it gives flower or fruit or new leaves, it gives the presence of growth and beauty and energy. Plants allow a relationship to develop. Also, when the plant is a gift it remains a connection to another individual who expressed kindness.

I was uncertain how to manage house plants until the pandemic, had never been exposed to the fun. It is this year that I learned which plants are easy to raise and where the sun shines in my living environment. I learned about cuttings and propagation which allows the growth of new plants to “gift”. I discovered the artistry of a plant shop and the desire for unique terra cotta pottery. The usefulness of having a giant bag of cococoir at home makes it easier to repot when needed. I learned there are rare plant Facebook groups and that plant mail is truly an experience.

I even tried the plant mail. I received a syngonium albo variegata (It has just sprouted a new leaf, see photos). Unpacking the plant mail was an experience. It was well done and the plant was perfect. The amount of plastic used in the packaging materials was heart wrenching. I didn’t know what to expect and had hoped to learn a bit about sending cuttings via mail. I wonder if the plant community does it similarly or if there are more sustainable options being used.

The plant mail

My house plant hobby has grown, as have all the plants I have added to my collection extensively, enamored with pothos, snake plants, ZZ plants, Hoyas, aloe, prayer plants, cacti, flame violets, ferns, pileas, philodendron cheese plant, spider plants, goldfish, mosaica and strings of bananas. I rooted a few lemon seeds and have a small lemon plant filled with my pride. I added a plant stand with LED lights and a few macrame plant hangers. The plants are the art of my life. I am so grateful to have discovered the house plant universe.

It all started with a plant gift.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate marketer.

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