Vulnerability and starvation

The food supply is in danger. Humans are dependent on food. This is a problem no one speaks of….

Two vulnerabilities are huge. The process used to get foods from farm to store is dependent on a supply chain. Major supply chain interruptions are upon us. The supply is vulnerable.

More so… though.. the food supply is vulnerable to poisoning. Outdoor farms are wide open to chemical terrorism. Who is working the farm and are their intentions good?

Laws, politics, entertainment, jobs will not matter if there is no food. Food means survival, it is the only priority. Even the calmest are known to riot when starving.

The issue can be improved with support for its cause. There are solutions.

Advocate for modern farming options like hydroponic indoor farming. Gather seeds. Learn to grow food. Understand how to eat wisely on a low budget. Collect dried chickpeas.

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