Give good gift

Holiday season is the perfect time to make a message with your gift. Say something with the gift you are giving. Say I dig you and want you to have good health, then gift a bottle of extra virgin coconut oil or walnut oil. Everyone enjoys cooking with quality oils and while it’s in use, there is a likelihood of improved cognition or anti-inflammatoriation happening. And the taste is so divine.

The chia or flax seeds can be used to crust any kind of protein prior to cooking.  They can be added to sauces and salads with ease.  Walnuts go anywhere.  Avocado oil is a quality option for home designed vegetable dressings.  Flax flour should always be added to desserts.  Extra virgin coconut oil is multifunctional.  It’s delightful for sautéing  pineapple or sesame seeds.  Flax oil goes in everything, just squirt it in as often as possible.

Give good gift.

Food Gift Ideas (Found at most grocery stores)

A bag of chia seeds

A bag of spiced walnuts

A bag of flax seeds

A bottle of avocado oil

A bag of Flax flour

A bottle of extra virgin coconut oil

A bottle of Flax oil

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