Edible Menorah


Here is my son’s edible menorah. Every item represents his favorite veggies.  All are part of his thrown together snack that he gently riddled for a few minutes.

There are many memories of meals where he smiled at the big bowl of radishes on the table he knew was there for him, he has eaten them like grapes since he was 4. Purple cabbage requested by him just last week when he was asked, “What would you like from the food store?”. Chives being eaten straight from the bunch makes me giggle with surprise every single time. I’m thankful he loves the colorful, rich natural candies of the garden. It’s so delightful that he delights in these delightfully healthy delights.

I hope I can always afford to offer him such good food and that the vegetables remain a source of safe nutrients.  As I took a bunch of pictures of his creation, his only request was “Let me at it!”

Happy Chanukkah! 

His afternoon snack


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