Deepest Desires…. from a Nutrition Educator

Wish List

1. Subsidized much larger quantities of Vitamin D supplementation in prenatal care
2. Instituted subsidies of olive oil, coconut oil, and nuts
3.  Reduced subsidies of soy bean and corn (cash directed at #2)
4.  Initiated modern nutrition education for teachers and grade school children by nutrition experts
5.  Directive implementation of nutritional ketosis education for all diabetes programs
6. Required insurance cost reduction by employers for staff at healthy weight status
7. Regulation of the supplement industry
8. Inaugurated aquaponic indoor farming systems in cities to supply school, WIC, and food subsidy programs
9. Prohibited use of soybean oil and high fructose corn syrup in school lunch programs
10. Changed US government nutrition messages to conform to current research

Whats on your wish list?

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