A recipe

Something special happens when I am drawn toward a new recipe. Food preparation videos are all over social media and some are dy-no-mite. When I find a gem, I get all tingly inside. I feel this drive. I make a grocery list in my head. I imagine my own touches, usually a dash of Everything But The Bagel. I am in first gear with the wind blowing my hair across my face.

Eventually… procurement..

Remembering everything in one shopping jaunt is pretty special. Getting home to the kitchen and the pots and equipment and the cutting boards and sweet paring knife..is delightful. Full speed and scents and wet hands and food juice floods as the recipe is manipulated to fruition.  Evolves is a mess in the  sink, across the counters and the most passionate desire to snapchat a portrait…

Eyeballing the colors and energy of the foods in front of me. Proud of myself and smirking a bit. Grateful to have come across an idea.




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