The UnrequestedOpportunity of Harvey and Irma

A nutritional UnrequestedOpportunity is amongst us. A large population of our country’s citizens have just been traumatized. Traumatized humans will need food assistance and directions on healing and well being. Of course, this is in addition to given structural support including refrigerators, grocery markets, ovens, dishes, electrical sources.  So….. lets feed this wounded population by following the science of nutritional ketosis and then monitor the outcome.  Dear US government, please direct food subsidies in this time for the Hurricane disaster funds to the following food choices: sunflower seeds, fish, almonds, avocados, olive, specific vegetables, butters and oils of olive and coconut.  Feed the human body with fats to provide them with the energy to rebuild, the omega 3 heavy benefits of mental clarity and nourishment.  #helpmakeamericanshealthy.  Food doesn’t seem like the most important priority in the pain of the hurricane disaster, but actually, it is. Nourishment will occur if the human is lucky, it will have an impact, short term and long term impacts historically, and food will be a valued commodity to fight for.

Painfully, there is an unrequestedopportunity amongst us. Let’s do it more effectively. It’s expensive. IMG_0149

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