Feeding my friends


spicy mix micros
Fresh micros shared with friends

Invited to a food party and contemplating what to bring.

An 8×8 tray of still growing micro greens is chosen. Lots of varieties growing. I decide to take the mix. Get there. Borrow scissors. Wash scissors. And hands. Toss the  fresh cuts into a bowl.

Trim, snip, gentle touch. Stunning array to see. Hues of green.

The smell of spicy fresh fills the air. The air is transformed. It is so pleasant and inviting. Everyone comments on it. Their curiosity piqued.

Not one at the table has been exposed to microgreens. I am so lovingly grateful to be exposing their bodies to this nourishment. “How do we eat this?”, they ask.  Smiles….

A giant dollop of petite vegetation sprinkled on anything and everything is how to eat them.  At the table, a handful of the raw micros were tossed onto the filled baked potatoes. Wow. Spicy. Fun. Easy. Spicy? Adding more. One friend made a nest of the micros filled with a chili and topped with avocados and sour cream. It was so beautiful. Romantic. They all reached for seconds.

“What spices did you add?”, one asks. “None”, I say, “it is just so”. Arugula and radish micros are spicy organically. And the nutrition is beyond familiarity. Being athletes and yogis, my friends’ excitement is heightened.

We eat. The scent of fresh spice still waves as food pleasure and nourishment seeps into my friends.



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