Gifting in Good Health. Night 3.

Eight Nights of Nutrition

Holiday seasons mean eating and gifting. Be the health gifter this year. Give gifts that lead to improvements in well being. Be an example.

8 Meaningful Gift Ideas:

1. Give a book on HOW TO GROW FOOD. One about hydroponic gardening for the home would allow simple food production to flow in small spaces or big industrial areas.

2. Give a desktop vegetable growing system from for at-work snacks and lunch vegetables.

3. For the foodie in your life, who wants to eat healthy, gift a kitchen hydroponic countertop growing system from

4. Give a gift certificate for microgreen seeds and supplies from The new grower in your life will want to spread the wings and grow all different flavors.

5. Give a gift certificate for a private nutrition consultation with a registered dietitian. Education in modern nutrition research leads to knowledge and power in choices.

6. Offer a weekly delivery of fresh cut microgreens for one year. It is like flower delivery only it beautifies the inside of the body.

7. Boost the health of your employees by gifting the company a full sized, ongoing microgreen growing system. has turnkey systems that allow you to give all year long.

8. Hire a local private chef to make your love a special menu full of microgreens, sprouts, and petite greens.


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