The word “FOOD” is so outdated…

The concept of food synergy is about to be highlighted.  Ready?  Do you follow? Do you recall that food synergy is defined and includes the concept that “food contains hundreds of biologically active constituents”. BIOACTIVE!  yum! How delightful.  So perfectly energizing for the daily dance.

Food synergy: WebMD highlights David Jacobs, PhD, a researcher from the University of Minnesota.  Indicates food synergy as the idea that food influences our health in complex and highly interactive ways.

“Food” should be changed to “Nutrients” in every conversation about this topic.  The sentence could say “nutrients contain hundreds of biologically active constituents” or “get ya nutrient in a sesame seed crust!”.  Or “nutrients influence our health in complex and highly active ways”.  Come now, food can currently be both a box of processed food stuff or a freshly grown and picked coconut?

What if we stop saying food and start using the word nutrients to inspire planning in the inner thoughts.. “Nutrients ”  “Nutrients”  Nutrients.  Say with me: “What nutrients should I have for dinner?” or “What nutrients will season things spicy?” or “What nutrients will keep me from getting HEART disease?”

The meal plan process is smoothest through deciding categorically “what protein?, what vegetable?, what fruit?, etc. Omega3 should be first thought.  Imagine packing lunch on Sunday evening for taking out.  The first question is WHAT OMEGA 3 SOURCE SHOULD I TAKE, WHICH SOURCE OF VITAMIN D WILL I CONSUME.  Then, what protein or nut or meat, if still needed?, what anti-oxidant vegetable?, what high fiber fruit?… and so on

When we recognize it as nutrients, we see it as weaponry to fight the elements, to feed the body, to strengthen.  It’s not FoohD.  UGH.  THE WORD FOOD IS OUTDATED.  I vote to have it removed from the dictionary.

Spicy walnut-atashen with almond flour and extra virgin coconut oil mix


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