What happened to us.

What happened to us is not a question any longer.  What happened to us is now known.  The health of the population, obesity rates, inflammatory issues like diabetes, heart disease, depression, asthma, allergies, and arthritis have a known cause nutritionally. The American government and connected health associations have been stuck in the 1960s with recommendations…

Serious issues are presenting.

Useful discussions about nutrition, healthy eating, food choice, and home food environments are not about weight, being skinny or being heavy, and appearance. There is no option at this point: choosing nutrients wisely is about surviving and avoiding toxic foodstuffs and harmful substances. Current food intake by most individuals is poisonous and the state of…

Questions for the 2b President #2016

The food industry is multifactorial including agriculture, import taxation, private enterprise, national laws, food safety, soil and water health, health messaging and public health efforts. This industry is self-serving.

Food Poetry

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Page One

The Food Market by Shari Jacobs, RD, LD. MSNW 2B.  (graduation in 3 weeks!!! ) In 1906 Upton Sinclair wrote the book, The Jungle, about unsanitary conditions under which food was produced.  This writing is about poor conditions in the food market as well.  This writing is about unsatisfactory conditions of the food environment.  Sanitation…

Dear People

Eat when you’re hungry.  Not just because it is time to eat.  Pay attention. Thank you.